SFactrix - Smart MES / MOM Software

SFactrix is the smart manufacturing execution system (MES) for manufacturers to adopt digital manufacturing processes rapidly.

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1. What is SFactrix.ai?

SFactrix.ai is the IoT-enabled smart manufacturing execution system that helps manufacturers to digitalize and automate factory operations. The digital practices enabled by SFactrix take control of production performance whilst strengthening the quality of production and assisting to manage to keep up the machine availability by eliminating unexpected machine breakdowns. SFactrix.ai is featured with mobility interface, industrial IoT integration, and exclusive customer support for operational success.

2. How SFactrix could help the manufacturers to adopt digital manufacturing?

SFactrix provides functions to capture the factory shop floor processes through web and mobile interfaces in real-time. By nature, the data gathered during the processes generate operational metrics for efficiency.

  • Work Order Management – Digital tracking management of customer orders to enable real-time monitoring of production progress.

  • Jobs Allocations and Tracking – Assign jobs to the workforce and estimate overall delivery guarantee.

  • Part Management - Create and Manage the parent and child parts or items along with quantity in stock.

  • Asset Controls – Start, Stop, Report Fault and Monitor machine efficiency in real-time for better productivity.

  • OEE Metrics & Reporting – Digital real-time performance reporting and analysis that helps drive optimum production.

  • Operational Metrics - Track and Report machine downtime, runtime, net runtime, production loss, quality loss and time based performance metrics.

  • Preventive Maintenance – Protect asset lifetime and automate maintenance actions.

  • Downtime Alert Notification – Set auto-detection alerts for assets and receives alerts via Email.

  • Role-Based Dashboard – Personalized dashboard setups from plant managers to machine supervisors.

  • Maintenance Scheduler - Automatically generate maintenance schedule for each asset as a proactive act of asset availability.

  • Activity Log – Keep track of all user actions and alerts log in a single place to generate overall usage reports.

3. What are the Subscription options available for SFactrix?

SFactrix is available as Software as a Service on the cloud for month on month subscription. To get started, it is offered as free of cost. It is an ideal way to begin exploring SFactrix application and unravel the manufacturing intelligence.

For further details about SFactrix subscription, please visit: https://www.fogwing.io/smart-factory-software/

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