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How to search data in Fogwing IIoT Platform?

Learn about data storage, query and export options in Fogwing IIoT Platform

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How to search or query data in Fogwing IIoT Platform?

Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform has inbuilt data storage capabilities to persist all data received from the IoT devices. The data storage capacity is provided depending on your subscription level, however all subscribers including community to enterprise tenants get lifetime storage.

Pre-condition - All device data send to Fogwing Cloud in JSON format will be stored in inbuilt Data Storage. If you are not seeing your data then it could be ignored by the inbuilt data integrity engine due to non-compliance.

To view data in data storage, follow steps listed below.

  • Login to your Fogwing IIoT Platform account :

  • From menu bar on the left side, under ‘Data Management’ section, click the ‘Data Storage’ menu option.

  • The data storage page will load all latest recording in the page. The payload list will show the source of device, application name, device name and data received time.

  • If you want to see specific data payload, go the specific row of the payload and click on the ‘View’ button.

  • It will navigate to the data payload page where you can see the complete data payload.

Note: You can also use the 'Search' button to query data from specific date range.

Can I search device data in Fogwing IIoT Platform?

Fogwing IIoT Platform's web portal will allow to query device data between any specific data range and parameters to view or export.

To search from data storage, execute the following steps:

  • Login to your Fogwing IIoT Platform account :

  • From ‘Data Management’ section, click the ‘Data Storage’ menu option.

  • The data storage page will display all recently received the data from all devices connected to the Fogwing IIoT Platform.

  • Click on the 'Search' button to go to the search page.

  • In the search data payload page, choose device, time frame and specific parameter to search a payload data.

  • Click the ‘Search’ button to land on the specific data. The page will load with data specific to query and trend chart. The trend chart can be stored as image or exported.

Note: The above image is a graphical representation of a searched Data Stream. The Data can be further narrowed down to weekly, monthly or yearly in the graph display by choosing the required.

What is next?

Once you explored the data storage functionality of the Fogwing IIoT Platform, you may next explore the 'Data Analytics' under the 'Data Management' option.

For any feedback and enquires on the Data Storage, write to our support team at [email protected]

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