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Learn how to allocate a job to operator in SFactrix.

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Once Job Orders are created, by default they are assigned to all operators in the SFactrix application. But if you want to assign specific job to specific machine operators, you have to assign it through SFactrix application. Operators can see the list of job assigned to them only they are allocated through SFactrix app.

Pre-condition - Plant, Work Center, Assets, Parts, Customers, Work Orders, Job and the user with 'User Type as 'Factory User' and 'User Role' as 'Job Operator' should be created in SFactrix before assigning a job to Job Operator. You should be an Admin user (Account Admin, Plant Admin, Work Center Admin, Asset Admin) to assign the job.

How to allocate production jobs to machine operators?

  • Login to your account by going to

  • From the settings page, under Actions, click on the 'Jobs’ card.

  • Click on the 'Assign Jobs' button on the Jobs page.

  • On the 'Assign Job' page, choose the Job Operator from the drop-down list and click on 'Update'. This assigns the job chosen to the Job Operator.

What is 'No Assignee' ?

When any job needs to be stopped during the progress since the operator is on Leave (or some reason) and wait for the alternate operator is available to continue, check the 'No Assignee' button to un-assign all the operators and job to be open for assignment.

What are conditions for job allocations?

  1. You should have an active Job before assigning it to the operator.

  2. You should be an Admin user (Account Admin, Plant Admin, Work Center Admin, Asset Admin) to assign the job.

  3. The user should be a Job Operator and should have permission to handle the Work Center and the Assets (while creating the User) linked to the Job.

What's next?

Once you are creating the job and assigning the Job, the next step is to set rules for the attributes. 'Rules' refers to rules set as thresholds for different assets in the manufacturing operations.

Click the below link to learn more about the Rules and their features.

For any feedback and enquires on the functionalities of the Job, write to our support team at [email protected]

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