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What is Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform
What is Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform

Learn about how Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform can help you to unlock the data from your assets and machines.

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1. What is Fogwing ?

Fogwing is the cloud platform to accelerate digital transformation through various IoT solutions. Fogwing provides Industrial IoT Software as a Service for connecting machineries to operational processes for Industrial automation. It helps you unlock hidden data of your environment and equipment to automate decisions. Fogwing helps Connect, Collect, Analyze and Automate Industrial operations as a feasible next generation solution.

2. What are the features of Fogwing IIoT Platform?

Fogwing IIoT Platform provides plenty of features and functions to build IoT solutions. The following are some of the key capabilities listed.

Industrial IoT as a Service

Secure Private IoT Network

Cloud Infrastructure

Secure Device Access

IoT Device Agnostics

Cloud Storage

Data Rules Engine

Data Analytics

Web Experience


Downlink Command Center

Cloud Integration

3. What are the pricing options of Fogwing Platform?

Fogwing offers subscription plans for Start-ups, SMBs and Enterprise. Subscription plans are categorized as Community, Startup and Growth. Community users can build IoT Solution at no investment. Once the solution is proven, users can upgrade to Startup and growth plan as required. Fogwing features vary with subscription opted. To learn more visit

4. How does Fogwing Structured?

Fogwing platform structured with a functional hierarchy of its own. With Organization, Tenant and User as three broad categories of users. Fogwing platform provides features in hierarchical structure model starts with Application, Edge, IoT Hub Access, Data Rules, Command, Analytics, Attributes, SDKs Repository, Audit Logs, Notification and Data Storage.

Organization - Each instance of the Fogwing should have only one organization. Super Admin is the owner of Organization setup. Since Fogwing Cloud environment is multi-tenant environment, Organization level of controls are owned by Factana (unless customer purchases a dedicated environment) .

Tenant - Tenant is a sub-organization owned by each customer registered in Fogwing Enterprise Cloud. This includes community users, small, medium enterprise who subscribed to Fogwing Enterprise Cloud.

5. How can I create an Account in Fogwing Platform?

Initially users can register to create an account from Upon registration, the user will be identified as a community user. Once they login to the application, they can upgrade using the ‘Upgrade’ option.

6. What is an Application in Fogwing IIoT Platform?

The application is the most critical one to manage the IoT edge devices, data rules, data storage and data analytics uniformly. In Fogwing, Application is a group of edge devices or LoRaWAN Node/Gateway connected together virtually as one application. In order to create and configure any devices, collect data by group, handle rule and other operational data analysis by group, the user should first declare the applications. Each user may create multiple applications depending the use cases and grouping needs.

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