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What is Manufacturing Plant or Factory in SFactrix?
What is Manufacturing Plant or Factory in SFactrix?

Learn about manufacturing plant and configuration requirement in SFactrix application

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What is plant or factory setting in SFactrix application?

In manufacturing business, Plant or Factory is the site or location where product production happens with the combination of machines, people, and processes. SFactrix is the Manufacturing Operations Management solution, that helps manufacturers to run the manufacturing operations and activities digitally. In SFactrix, Plant configuration represents basic information about overall plant or factory profile and properties.

Creating a Plant configuration is the first step towards digitalizing the manufacturing operations for your physical factory. It is mandatory to add a Plant setup in SFactrix before configuring all organization structures.

Learn more about how to add a Plant / Factory configuration in SFactrix with the below link.

For any queries on what a Plant is, write to our support team at [email protected]

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