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Who are 'Customers' in SFactrix application?
Who are 'Customers' in SFactrix application?

Learn about Customer configuration and functional need in SFactrix application.

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Who are 'Customers' in SFactrix application?

Customers are the ones who provide essential business orders to manufacturers and are important as they drive revenues to a business. Once the plant/organization/factory receives an order of business, before create product process in SFactrix, Customer information should be added in SFactrix to start the operations and accelerate production. Managing multiple customers and customer orders becomes effortless with onetime configuration of Customer information in SFactrix.

Once the customers are added in SFactrix application, the work orders can be created against each customer and Jobs can be allotted for each work order. Hence it is mandatory to add the customer to create the work order and start the job/production process on the factor floor. Adding customers also helps keep check of all progress in Work Orders and Jobs to complete a customer order thereby enabling effective and timely delivery of goods and uplifting customer satisfaction with the product and hence the organization.

Creating and managing customers in SFactrix is held as the fifth task in the process of setting up an account in SFactrix.

Learn how to add Customer configuration in SFactrix with the below link.

For any queries on what a Customer is, write to our support team at [email protected]

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