What is Work Order in SFactrix MES Application?

In the manufacturing industry, Sales Orders are those product requirements given by Customers for which production should be executed to deliver the products. Timely delivery of quality products and gaining customers' trust and satisfaction is the key to any successful business.

However, Sales Order may include multiple products which may end up requiring different manufacturing processes for the product. Work Orders are the Manufacturing Orders created based on Sales Order and given to the Plant Head to run the production operations accordingly. Another way, Work Orders are the order given to the plant workforce to run the production operations.

SFactrix is a smart Manufacturing Execution System that allows creating the manufacturing orders digitally as 'Work Order'. Work Order creation should be against the customer's requirement and help timely delivery of the product. Since the orders are entered digitally, Work Order feature of SFactrix prevents human errors in manual entries of Customer Sales Orders and avoids tedious process of maintaining ledgers.

In SFactrix, it is essential to add Work Orders in order to manage the progress by keeping track of the pending/ongoing factory order regarding specific customers to be completed by the factory/organization.

Once the Work Order is created in SFactrix, jobs can be assigned to each work order, so the production can be successfully scheduled and completed within the customer order timeframe. The details displayed in the work order page are the product/Part to be manufactured, production quantity, basic details of the customer from whom the order is received, prioritizing the work to complete the orders (High, Medium, or Low), the status (Yet to start, In progress, completed, cancel or pending) of production, start date and end date for completing the orders.

Learn more about how to add Work Order configuration in SFactrix with the below link.


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