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How to Change Languages in Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio
How to Change Languages in Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio

Learn about accessing languages in Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio software

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1. How can I change / pick language on Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio?

Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio is an Analytics solution that aims to become inclusive from time to time. The team is focused on accommodating users from across the globe. We are constantly extending our inclusiveness in creating a globally connected world.

To Pick or Change Language:

  • Login to your Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio as a default first step.

  • The Dashboard will appear, upon Login.

  • Toward the top right corner, you will find an icon with flags of countries with a particular native language. Click on the 'Flag' icon.

  • The language list pop up will display after clicking the 'Flag' icon. Select the Language you wish.

  • Once the language is selected, the Analytics studio will operate in that language.

Users can also select the language they wish from the 'Choose Language' box, found towards the top left corner of the 'Sign in' page.

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