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Learn to add a Manufacturing process using SFactrix

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What is the manufacturing production process in SFactrix?

A Manufacturing process is defined as a sequence of actions performed, for transforming raw materials into a finished product. In manufacturing, there are various types of processes involved to manufacture the final product such as preparation, production, Assembling, packaging, etc. Every order follows these processes to build up the final product.

Creating each manufacturing process sequentially against an order is essential to identify the step-by-step production processes and determine the output. Adding a manufacturing Process in is the fifth step in the hierarchy of setting up a smart factory. Process in SFactrix denotes a job/ Production type in a work center.


The plant should be created under the organization setting before adding the manufacturing process.

How to create manufacturing production process in SFactrix?

  • Login to your account,

  • On the settings page, under organization settings, click on the ‘Process’ card.

Work order process
  • Go to the process page and click on the '+Add process' button.

  • Fill the form and click on the 'Submit' button.

  • The process is successfully generated with a unique process identifier code.

    Add Manufacturing process

Note: As manufacturing involves various processes, it is recommended to add the manufacturing processes sequentially which will help in automating the complete job order.

Please note the details of each parameter required to complete the creation of Process.



Choose a plant

Select the plant in the drop-down list against which the process is to be created.

Process Name

Name the production process.

Process order

Mention the process order sequentially like 1,2,3,4...

Process Description

write a brief description of the process.

How to edit/update or delete a Manufacturing Production Process in SFactrix?

To edit/Update:

  • Go to the 'process' page and click the edit icon under 'Action'.

  • On the 'Edit process' form, make the necessary changes.

  • Click on the 'Update' button. The process is updated successfully.

Update a manufacturing process

To Delete:

  • Go to the 'process' page and click the edit icon under 'Action'.

  • Go to the 'Edit process' form and click on the 'Delete' button.

  • A pop-up will appear 'Are you sure to delete?', click 'yes'

  • The 'process' is deleted successfully.

What is the benefit of adding a manufacturing production process in SFactrix?

A manufacturing process is a structured way of representing each tasks involved in building up a final product. SFactrix enables its users to add innumerable manufacturing processes that will help users to get real-time data on the entire manufacturing process. This real-time data includes the duration of each process, total quality production against each manufacturing process order quantity production, rejection count, etc. Adding a manufacturing process will help its users while creating a job, assigning a job, and viewing each job process data.

Steps to view the Job and related production processes

  • Go to the 'settings' page, click on 'Jobs' under Action

  • Each work/job order process data is generated.

    Job Process

Adding a manufacturing process will also help the users while creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) to estimate the total Cycle Time, total cost, total no. of parts/ materials used against each manufacturing process to make a final part/ product, etc. Hence adding a manufacturing process is essential in SFacrix.

BOM  process

What's next?

Once you are done creating the Job process, the next step is to assign the Job process to the operator. Each job process should be assigned to a job operator for better monitoring and control of the job progress.

Click the below link to learn more on 'How to allocate Job to an operator'.

For any feedback and queries on the functionalities of the Job, write to our support team at [email protected]

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