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This article will provides every details required to access Fogwing Eco App Portal

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What is Fogwing Eco App?

Fogwing Eco App is the web based portal application provided to customers who purchase Fogwing Eco Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) and Fogwing Eco Air Pollution Monitoring (APM) devices. Fogwing Eco App portal is completely FREE for AQM and APM users. Fogwing AQM and APM devices are part of Industrial Air Pollution Management Solution offered by Fogwing Platform. There are different hardware specifications available for AQM and APM devices. For further details, please refer the website here.

How to access Fogwing Eco App?

Fogwing Eco App web portal can be access from any browser by directly go to the URL:

However, you should have access credentials to access the portal feature. When you purchase Fogwing Eco AQM or APM device, Fogwing Eco Technical Team should have created an account for you and sent you access credentials.

If you have already purchased Fogwing Eco AQM or APM Device but have not received your access credentials you can send a support request by email to [email protected]

Fogwing Eco App portal provides the following features as standard to all customers.

Functional Feature



Dashboard provides options to user to pick and choose their preferred data to display for quick visualization.

Device Data Analysis

Provides list of AQM / APM devices available for the user to view the air parameters quickly.

Control Panel

Provide quick display option for larger display devices (TV) to show in the factory environments.


List view of all devices and it's status shows here.

Map View

Provides map view of all devices available in google map. Also show connected and disconnection status.

Data Rules

Every user can create a data rules based on the device parameters and threshold to set automated alerts.

Data Explorer

Provide query option to get specific device and it's parameter information over the period of date range

Guest Access

Create guest users account and allocate users to provide specific device related data access.

Custom Reports

Create custom query based reporting templates to quick generate data report and export as CSV file.


Quickly view the list of alerts generated by the data rules and capture the resolution for business records.

How to configure my dashboard in Fogwing Eco App?

Fogwing Eco App portal provides custom dashboard option for every users to create chart and reports for their preferred devices. There are 2 types of dashboard option available to all users.

  • Default Dashboard - Provide preconfigured card to display device status and charts.

  • Custom Dashboard - User can configure every card depending on the preference.

To configure your custom dashboard, follow the steps provided below.

Fogwing Eco App Portal Login Page
  • Enter your login credentials to access the application. once you are authenticated, you will be landing in the dashboard page as shown below.

  • Now click on the "Add Card" button on the center of the page to view the options.

  • Choose the device, attributes and metrics calculation as shown below for the time range to see the chart.

  • You may enter the card title as your preference to see in the dashboard.

Fogwing Eco App - Choose Custom Dashboard Card Options
  • Repeat the above steps again and again to add more and more cards to the dashboard as per your preference to see the key parameters of any devices deployed in your environment.

  • The final dashboard may appear as shown below.

Note: Please note that you may delete the card and rearrange the cards based on your requirements again and again. The total numbers of card allowed is 12 only.

How to view current data received from APM Devices?

All AQM / APM devices data can be viewed in real-time using Fogwing Eco App Portal. To view the current sensor data, follow the below steps.

  • Enter your login credentials to access the application. once you are authenticated, you will be landing in the dashboard page.

  • Now click on the "Device Data Analysis" menu item (2nd ) on the left side to go to the device data analysis page.

  • The page will provide the list of devices deployed in your account. Click on each devices to see the current sensor data received from the devices.

  • The page will be appearing as shown below.

Note: Please note that this page will only display the list of sensors provided by the devices. If you have purchased AQM, you may see sensor data related to AQM device only.

How to create data rules to get alerts from Fogwing Eco?

Fogwing Eco App provides inbuilt data rules engine to support customers to create sensor based rules to receive alerts. The alerts can be in the format of email or SMS depending on the devices purchased.

To configure your data rules, follow the steps provided below.

  • Go to the Fogwing Eco App portal in the browser by entering the URL :

  • Enter your login credentials to access the application. once you are authenticated, you will be landing in the dashboard page.

  • Now click on the "Data Rules" menu item from the left menu list. This should take you to the data rules page where you can create new rules.

  • Now click on the "Add Data Rule" button to open the data rules form to select the options.

  • In the data rules form, select the following fields to create the rule according to your requirement.

    • Choose the Device - Select the device to create the rule again that device.

    • Choose the Inbound Data Key - The parameters are sensors based. Pick the one.

    • Choose the Data Rule - Select any one of the options based on your threshold limits.

    • Choose the Data Value - Enter the threshold value if you want to trigger alert based on that value.

    • Finally, choose the action - The action could be Email, SMS or Webhook alerts.

  • Once all options are selected, click on the "Submit" button to save the configuration.

For any feedback and enquires on the functionalities of the Edge Devices, write to our support team at [email protected]

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