Understanding Fogwing Asset+ CMMS

Fogwing Asset+ is a Smart CMMS and Asset Performance Monitoring Software for Industrial Asset Management

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1. What is Fogwing Asset+?

Fogwing Asset+ is a Smart CMMS and Asset Performance Monitoring platform designed to optimize industrial asset maintenance management operations for factories and facilities. Fogwing Asset+ can help businesses reduce asset downtime, and increase asset performance, by real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance schedules.

Fogwing Asset+ enables maintenance team to keep track of maintenance history and use IoT to identify potential downtime issues before they become significant problems. The platform also provides features such as automated preventive maintenance scheduler, AI powered maintenance checklist recommendations, work order automation, and customizable reports to help businesses to improve their overall operational efficiency. 

With its extensive user experience interface and powerful deep tech capabilities, Fogwing Asset+ is an ideal solution for industrial enterprises to streamline their asset maintenance management processes and enhance their bottom line.

2. How Fogwing Asset+ helps in Asset Maintenance Management?

Emergency repairs, Asset downtime, and Asset breakdown are the typical issues organizations face. And the best way to overcome this is to implement robust asset maintenance management software. Gone are the days when organizations depended on papers and spreadsheets to monitor and manage assets. If you are looking for an efficient asset maintenance management platform, Fogwing Asset+ is one for you.

A well-planned and executable asset maintenance management platform with predictive, reactive, and preventive asset maintenance strategies can help organizations ensure excellent asset health when it comes to asset maintenance. Asset+ can help organizations to efficiently maintain all their assets' performance history, maintenance history, cost, maintenance scheduling, part consumption, and many more under a single roof.

3. Who can utilize Fogwing Asset+ in their Asset Maintenance Process?

Asset+ is a smart CMMS and asset performance monitoring platform designed to help factories and facilities to manage their asset maintenance operations effectively. It helps them keep their asset maintenance process running smoothly.

Asset+ platform can be utilized by the factories and facilities to

  • Asset performance monitoring.

  • Automatic work order creation.

  • Digitalized asset maintenance scheduling.

  • Effectively schedule and manage asset maintenance process.

  • Manage multiple assets across various locations.

  • Track and manage inventory for the spare parts required for maintenance.

  • Maintenance Checklist creation.

  • Analysis and report creation.

  • Enhance the reliability and performance of assets.

4. How does Fogwing Asset+ helps Manufacturing?

Asset+ Smart CMMS offers functionalities that effectively manage asset health and performance in Factories and Facilities through the power IoT and AI technologies. The advanced maintenance management software enables the users to detect extreme asset conditions and to make quicker proactive decisions.

  • MRO request: MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operation) request is a Digitalized asset maintenance request generated by maintenance engineers, maintenance managers, or customers to conduct asset maintenance tasks.

  • Maintenance Work Order Management: A Maintenance work order is a request to perform maintenance or repair activities on a specific asset. The creation of asset maintenance Work Orders facilitates the real-time monitoring of the asset maintenance process.

  • Maintenance checklist creation and management: A checklist is a list of tasks or standard operating procedures that needs to be followed while conducting a maintenance activity.

  • Track Maintenance process: Digitally track and monitor the status of the asset maintenance process.

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule: Preventive maintenance is a proactive strategy to prevent equipment or system failures by performing regular inspections, servicing, and repairs at scheduled intervals.

  • Part inventory: Parts inventory in maintenance refers to the stock of spare parts and components required for repairing or replacing equipment. It includes the management of stock levels, procurement, and tracking of parts usage.

  • Purchase Order (PO): In asset maintenance, PO is a field that authorizes the purchase of spare parts or equipment required to conduct an asset maintenance process. It includes parts number, quantity, price, and vendor information.

  • Dashboard: A personalized dashboard setup from maintenance managers to maintenance engineers visually represents KIPs of asset maintenance management.

  • Metrics: Metrics display the overview of asset maintenance operations in metrics form.

  • Generate Reports: Digital creation and export of asset maintenance report templates to generate Parts and Work Order reports with just a click.

  • Maintenance Activity Log: Digitally track all the activities performed by the maintenance manager and engineers to monitor the effectiveness of the maintenance process.

5. How to subscribe to Fogwing Asset +?

Asset+ CMMS Software is available for industrial users on a cloud subscription basis. The platform is accessible as free software for small scale industrial users to get started without any investment. It is an ideal way to begin the exploration of Asset+ CMMS software.

The paid subscription also available with premium features for professional and medium to enterprise users.

For further details about the Asset+ subscription plan, please visit:

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