What is Work Center in SFactrix?

Learn about the Work Center and the functionalities in SFactrix application.

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What is Work Center in SFactrix application?

A Plant or a production unit comprises multiple divisions or branches to perform various production/tasks. These individual divisions on the shop floor can be represented as Work Center in SFactrix. Work Center is an essential classification under a Plant that provides an adequate orderly and definite structure in the process of intelligent monitoring through SFactrix.

Work Center setting in SFactrix allows configuring the shift hours for production which helps the manufacturers to plan and schedule particular assets availability for producing the product. Defining proper shift hours at the Work Center level enables to accommodate various work orders in a day for full utilization of the asset thereby improving the overall production efficiency.

In the structural hierarchy of SFactrix setup, Work Center takes the second position. Once the user adds a plant, a work center is to be added in order to start digital manufacturing management and manage various departments/divisions and the assets under a Plant.

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