What is Asset in SFactrix application?

Machines are the biggest asset to any manufacturing business. Attaining peak utilization of these machines and utmost efficiency is the key challenge faced by all industries. SFactrix helps fight these challenges by enabling digital operations management by connecting the machines digitally for smart manufacturing. This is achieved by configuring a special setting/feature called 'Assets'. In SFactrix, Asset configuration represents the information of the machines/equipment/tools engaged in the manufacturing process. Adding Assets allows close monitoring of the machine operations throughout the factory floor.

Asset configuration also includes the status (Running, Stop, Break, or Fault) of the machine. With this, the machine runtime and the run rate are calculated efficiently. This helps in drawing machine metrics and calculations like the performance, availability, OEE(Overall Equipment Efficiency), and efficiency of manufacturing operations. These calculations/metrics help the manufacturers get insights on the manufacturing operations and hence, take necessary steps to improve the equipment performance, availability, productivity, and efficiency.

Assets take the third position in the structural hierarchy of SFactrix. As a result, soon after Work Center is added, Assets are to be added/configured.

SFactrix is an Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management System with help of Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform. Therefore, Assets configured in the SFactrix application can be connected through Fogwing IIoT Platform to receive the real-time data from the physical machines through various protocols supported by the machines (example: OPC UA or MODBUS etc).

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