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What is 'Maintenance Register' in SFactrix application?
What is 'Maintenance Register' in SFactrix application?

Learn about Maintenance Register functionalities in SFactrix application.

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What is 'Maintenance Register' in SFactrix application?

Keeping the machines healthy is the primary responsibility of an organization. This is done by regular check/maintenance of the machines involved in production in manufacturing unit. Well maintained and healthy machines are essential for drawing maximum efficiency of production and for producing good quality products.

SFactrix is a smart manufacturing operations management system that allows digitally recording the maintenance schedules of all the machines used for production at the factory floor to reduce the downtime and increase availability. Maintenance Register feature in SFactrix aids maintenance request creation, updating, and deletion of scheduled maintenance and alerts from time to time.

Maintenance register functionality in SFactrix supports various types of maintenance activities such as (On-Demand, Fault repair, or Regular maintenance) required. This enables the manufacturers to plan the production, plan the next maintenance cycle thereby improving the runtime of the assets to obtain peak utilization of the assets to achieve efficient production rate.

Learn more about how to How to create a machine maintenance request in SFactrix with the below link.

For any queries on what Maintenance Register is, write to our support team at [email protected]

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