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What is 'Reports' functionality in SFactrix application?
What is 'Reports' functionality in SFactrix application?

Learn about the manufacturing Reports feature in SFactrix application.

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What is 'Reports' functionality in SFactrix application?

SFactrix application is a manufacturing intelligent system that comes with an inbuilt 'Report' feature which helps the manufacturers generate the performance / manufacturing metrics as a report.

This performance reports generated in SFactrix will help the Plant Manager to monitor the performance/efficiency of production, availability of the manufacturing machines, and the quality of products produced in the manufacturing environment.

These observations/reports can be carried (if required) to the Plant Head for brainstorming activities among the Plant workforce and take appropriate measures to improve the performance and efficiency of the machines across the factory floor.

In SFactrix, account and factory level users can query and generate various type of reports required between the date range, and the reports generated by a particular asset. 'Reports' configuration aids the users to choose the type of metrics (OEE and Production Performance) of the asset chosen and export the file in MS-Excel or CSV format for future references and comparisons to gain better clarity on the manufacturing operations.

Learn more about how to generate Reports in SFactrix application with the below link.

For any queries on what Reports are, write to our support team at [email protected]

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