Import Customers Data in SFactrix

Learn to import customers data using data import feature of SFactrix MES

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SFactrix's Data Import Tool enables you to import data from external sources using a CSV/Excel file. The Data import process helps its users to import bulk data into their accounts. To create Work Orders, Customer information should be added in SFactrix to start the operations and accelerate production. Managing multiple customers and customer work orders becomes effortless through SFactrix import feature.

How to prepare the customer data for data import process?

This guide will feature a step-by-step guide to fill in the data for ‘Customers’, in a CSV file format.

  • To begin filling in the data, Login into | Login

  • Home > Data Import > CSV template.

    Customer data CSV template
  • Click on the data type template link ‘Customers’ in the CSV template links.

  • CSV template is downloaded successfully. Now fill the template as per given guidelines below.

Please note the details of each parameter in the ‘Customers’ CSV template required to fill in the Data. Enter each data carefully to avoid importing invalid data into your account. Make sure no changes are made to the CSV template headers.



Company Name

Enter the Customer company’s name in minimum 3 characters.

Contact Name

The name of the contact person or point of contact from the customer company in minimum 3 characters.


The location or address of the customer company.

Contact Number

The contact number of the POC from the customer company.


Company email ID or the contact's email ID.

Website URL

The customer company website URL for any reference/convenience

Customer Type

Defines the type of customer. Example: Contract-based, Temporary, Permanent retail, whole seller etc.


A brief description on the customer or order.

Save the file in your system to upload it later into your SFactrix account.

How to import Customer Data CSV file to SFactrix account?

  • To import the ‘Customers’ data to the SFactrix account, login to | Login

  • Go to the Data import page and choose the data type as ‘Customers’ in the drop-down list.

  • Click on ‘choose a file’ and select the CSV file you have saved in your system.

  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Your ‘Customers’ data is imported successfully.

What's Next?

Please refer to the following page for details of each parameter required to fill in and import the 'Parts' data in the CSV template.

For any feedback and queries on the functionalities of the ‘Customers’ data import write to our support team at [email protected]

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