API Integration with SFactrix

Learn to integrate other enterprise applications with SFactrix using open API's

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What are open API's in SFactrix?

SFactrix provides Open APIs interfaces as a subscription-based feature that allow users to integrate other enterprise applications or devices' data with SFactrix. The open APIs can be accessed by developers to utilize the features of SFactrix as per their suitability.


  • Open APIs are accessible only by subscribed account admin only. API Key should be created before invoking the api through interface.

How to create API keys in SFactrix?

  • Login to your account SFactrix.ai

  • Go to the settings page, under Add on, and click on API keys card.

    SFactrix Open APIs

    Note: SFactrix open APIs feature is available for the SFactrix Pro and Grow subscribers only.

SFactrix open APIs
  • Click the 'Add API Key' button on the API key page.

  • Your API key is created successfully. SFactrix generate API key by default as one-click option.

  • Once the API key is created, go to the SFactrix Open API

  • SFactrix Open APIs page will appear.

This is to note here, SFactrix allows its users to integrate your suppliers, customers, Users, Work Orders, Part / Items, and Materials data using open APIs.

Open APIs features

To know more functionalities of SFactrix open APIs, read the API documentation available for developers.

Click on this SFactrix Open API, this documentation explains each of the API functions provided by SFactrix for integration.

What's Next?

Data import is the next feature in SFactrix that enables its users to import their external data and integrate it with SFactrix.

To know more about SFactrix Data import feature, visit this,

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