Master Data Import Process in SFactrix

Explore steps to import master data from external sources into MES system

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Introducing Master Data Import process in SFactrix

SFactrix MES is the core application system in manufacturing operations to capture all data in one central repository. An MES system needs to get access to other master data ( Sales orders, supplier data, parts or materials information, etc.). These data are created in different organizational systems such as ERP, CRM, Materials Management, Inventory, HR, and more. SFactrix supports importing these master data in bulk into the core system easily.

The Data Import in SFactrix simplifies importing a high volume of data from external sources and combining it with SFactrix application data. The Data Import feature in SFactrix streamlines all the operational data into a single source of truth.

Pre-conditions: You should be an Account Admin, Plant Manager, Work center Manager, or Asset Manager to import the data into your account.

Note: If the Data Import feature is not enabled for you, please write to our support team at [email protected]. This feature is enabled only for the PRO and GROW plan subscribers only.

Steps to import Data into SFactrix

The following steps will guide you to any type of data import supported by SFactrix MES. As of the current release, the Data Import in SFactrix MES provides the following master data import features.

  1. Parts / Products Master Data

  2. Raw Materials Master Data

  3. Customers Master Data

  4. Work Orders

  • Login to your account by going to | Login

  • Go to the settings page, under the Actions, and click on the 'Data Import' card.

data import option shows on setting page
  • The first step is to download the CSV(comma-separated value) template in which the data is to be entered.

  • To download the CSV template, go to the Data import page, and choose a data type in the drop-down list (work orders/ parts/ Materials/ Customers) of which the data is to be imported.

  • Click on the CSV template download link. choose the one in which data is to be entered.

  • Download the 'CSV template' and fill in the data to import successfully from external sources. Follow the note on the Data import page before filling in the data.

data import csv template
  • Fill in each row with correct details to successfully import the data file into your SFactrix account.

  • Name the file as per your choice and save it on your device.

    Data import csv file format

  • Next, click on 'choose a file' and select the file from your device that is to be imported and click the 'submit' button.

  • Your data is imported successfully. The status of imported data is marked as ''processed''.

    show the status of the data import process in SFactrix MES

    Note: The data import might take between 2 to 5 mins time to process, depending on the size of the data file and process complexity.

How to view the data log?

A successful Data Import process is based on its valid data input in an accurate format. Data Log is a feature provided within the data import process to capture the data import status at each row level. Hence, it allows its users to check the status of the data import record. To view the data log,

  • Once the data file status shows as "Processed", go to the Data import page > click on the 'eye' icon under 'log' > data log appears.

  • Note the details in the Data log to ensure that data is synchronized correctly in the Data import process.

Data Log view

Each Data log contains the no. of valid/ invalid data input in the selected file with the key reasons.

How to edit/ Update Data in a CSV template?

In case of any data import process failure due to invalid data input, you can edit/ update the existing data file.

  • Go back to the CSV file on your device, edit/ update the error as per the data log order, and import it again.

  • Make sure no changes are done to the CSV template headers while importing data.

If the data log contains an unknown error, raise a support ticket with an attachment of the error file/ import records at [email protected]

Why am I unable to upload/submit a data file?

You can import a CSV data file successfully only when it contains valid data. Be mindful while entering the data against each parameter in the CSV template. The data will be invalid and will reflect an error message if you make any changes to the template. If you are unable to upload a data file, you will see the pop-up saying 'File contains invalid data'.

invalid data

What's Next?

Please refer to the following pages for details of each parameter required to fill in the 'Customers'/Parts/ Materials/Work-Orders data in the CSV template.

For any feedback and queries on the functionalities of the Data Import process, write to our support team at [email protected]

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