What is Part or Item or Product in SFactrix application?

In Manufacturing Operations, Part or Item is the sellable product that is manufactured in the factory environment. The product is also called a Part, Item, Goods, and many other names depending on the type of the manufacturing business. In general, the product or part may be a composition of many components or child parts assembled together to make the final one.

In SFactrix, Part configuration allows dividing the complex structure of a product into smaller 'Parts' whilst enabling better Part Management with smart factory solutions. Shop-floor production processes can be efficient with defining the micro components of the product arriving at better insights to ensure effective execution of manufacturing operations and improve production output.

Two types of Parts are configurable in SFactrix. They are:

  1. Child Part

  2. Parent Part

What is 'Child Part' in SFactrix?

In the product industry, when the smaller parts are manufactured to assembling a primary product are called 'Child Part' in SFactrix. Child Part can be configured as "Make" or "Buy" approach.

What is 'Parent Part' in SFactrix?

Parent Part is the primary product that businesses sell to the customer by manufacturing through factory operations. SFactrix allows creating Work Order or Manufacturing Order against Parent Parts for any customers.

Learn how to add a Part configuration in SFactrix with the below link.


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