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Learn how to report asset or machine fault as "fault" maintenance request.

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In the factory environment, during the shift operations, if any of the asset or machine is showing fault or defect or issue, required maintenance engineer attention to fix, it can be reported as "Fault" in SFactrix application. The fault could be anything like noise in the machine, belt displacement, sudden stoppage, electrical outage etc. Any asset or machine's fault condition can be raised as maintenance request or ticket in two different ways in SFactrix application.

  • Create a 'Fault' request through Asset Controller.

  • Otherwise, through Maintenance Register as "On Fault" request.

How to create machine 'Fault' request through the Asset Control?

Asset Control depicts the machine sequence/production status when the assets are connected to SFactrix. (To learn more about the Asset Controller operations, click on the link below)

Follow the below steps to report any machine issue on Asset Controller in SFactrix.

  • Login to your SFactrix.ai account by going to https://app.sfactrix.ai.

  • Click on 'Asset Controller' on the Dashboard page

  • Select a Job (Job is currently in progress) to which the asset is associated, from the drop-down menu. Once you select the Job, the asset will be displaying with its current status.

  • Click on 'Fault' button on the Asset Controller.

  • When prompting the reason code, enter the fault reason (making it easier for fault inspection). For e.g., oil change, belt displacement, noise in the machine, etc.,

  • This action will record asset status as fault and created a maintenance request for the same in the Maintenance Register, which helps the maintenance engineer take necessary actions to repair the faults at the earliest.

  • Below image shows the Maintenance Register updated with the registered fault.

Note: Reporting the faults are classified as unplanned downtime and suitable metrics/graphs are constructed accordingly. These graphs can be viewed on the dashboard or metrics pages if they are configured. Below graph shows the live data metrics displayed on the dashboard which is drawn based on the operations on the Asset Controller.

Red - Indicates the Unplanned Downtime (when 'Fault' is set in the Asset Controller)

How to report machine 'Fault' through the Maintenance Register in SFactrix?

Another way to report the asset or machine fault is through maintenance register feature in SFactrix. Maintenance Register is the digital ledger for record keeping of different types of asset maintenance activities.

Follow the below steps to report machine fault on Maintenance Register in SFactrix.

  • Login to your SFactrix.ai account by going to https://app.sfactrix.ai.

  • From the settings page, under Actions, click on the 'Maintenance Register’ card.

  • Click the ‘Add Maintenance’ button on the Maintenance Register page.

  • The 'Add Maintenance' form will appear. Fill the form with proper data as shown below. Select 'Fault Repair' in 'maintenance Type' section.

  • Click the submit button. You will have successfully scheduled the fault maintenance request.

What's next?

Once you have reported machine issue through Asset Controller, learn how to close the maintenance work in SFactrix. When the fault in the asset is rectified, it is important to close the report generated in the maintenance register.

To learn more on how to close the maintenance work in SFactrix, click the link below.

For any feedback and enquires on the functionalities of the Asset Controller and the Maintenance Register, write to our support team at [email protected]

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