The E-mail notification settings of enable admin level users to configure the notification emails on every event that occurs in the application. Initially, SFactrix allows users to set the email notification configurations for Work Order and Job Order-related events only. The email notifications aim to inform the corresponding users about the assignment or changes happening in the SFactrix application.

Example: When Plant Admin or Admin level users create work orders, automated email notifications can be sent to the Plant and Supervisors. Similarly, the Job allocations event also notifies the job operator about the assignment.


You must be an account admin, Plant Manager, Executive or Operation Manager with the privilege to go to the settings section of the application to configure the Email settings.

How to configure the Email Setting?

‘Email Settings’ is a simple step in the hierarchy of management settings of the SFactrix application.

  • To create the E-mail settings, Login to the account.

  • From the setting page, go to the ‘Management Setting’ section.

  • Click on the E-mail settings card under the ‘Management Settings’ section.

Email Settings
  • Next, click on Add Email Settings button.

Add Email Settings
  • ‘Add Email Setting’ page will appear.

  • Choose the event name from the drop-down list.

Choose the Event
  • Click on the Primary Email field and add a required Email ID that you wish to set up for receiving "Work Order Creation" notifications.

  • Next, add a secondary email, that will receive the copy (Cc) of notification emails.

  • Then, click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will have successfully saved the Email Settings.

Submit Email Settings
  • On each work order creation, you will receive an auto-generated email notification. This Email notification settings allow the system to send emails to when the user created any work order.

  • Following is a sample notification email received on a Work order update.

Sample Email Notification
  • Please note the details of each parameter required to complete ‘Email Settings’



Event Name

Work order or Job order status for which notifications will be sent.

Primary Email

The user email Id that will receive all the notifications.

Secondary Email

A secondary Email Id is to be set against the ‘Cc’ recipient of notification emails.


Edit/update Email settings is placed under ‘’Action’.

How to edit/ update or delete the Email setting?

If you wish to edit or delete any of the existing email settings, please follow the below steps.

To edit/Update the Email ID or event name on the Email Settings page, go to the Email Settings page and click on the edit icon under Action.

Edit Email settings

You can edit/ change the primary email, secondary email, and event name.

  • Next click on the Update button. A confirmation pop-up will appear ‘Successfully updated the email settings’.

  • You will have successfully updated your email setting.

Update Email settings
  • If you want to delete, please click on ‘Delete’ button to delete the email settings.

  • A confirmation pop-up will appear ‘Are you sure to delete?’, Click ‘Yes’ to delete.

Delete Email settings
  • You will have Successfully deleted the email settings.

What’s Next?

You can create, delete or Assign Work Orders, or Jobs and access primary/secondary emails to check the notifications. Click the following links to learn more about how to create, delete or assign Work Orders and Jobs in the SFactrix application.

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For any feedback and queries on Email Settings features and its functionalities, write to our support team at [email protected]

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