Import Work Orders Data in SFactrix

Learn to import work orders data using data import feature of SFactrix MES

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Work Orders are the Manufacturing Orders created based on Sales orders and given to the Plant manager or plant workforce to run the production operations. Work Orders or manufacturing orders are placed by Customers or Internal teams to produce and deliver to customers. Hence, creating Work Orders data for each manufacturing order to execute the production activities against delivery timelines is essential.

SFactrix Data import process helps its users to import bulk data (master data) into their accounts from external sources through a CSV file. Managing multiple work-orders data becomes effortless with the SFactrix Data import process.

How to prepare the work orders data for data import process?

This guide will feature a step-by-step guide to fill in the data for ‘Work-orders’, in a CSV file format.

Pre-conditions: The user must have the ‘customers’ and ‘Parts’ data while importing ‘Work-orders’ Data in a CSV template.

  • To begin filling in the data, Login into | Login

  • Home > Data Import > CSV template.

  • work order CSV template

  • Select the data type template ‘Work-orders’ from the CSV template links.

CSV template for work order is downloaded successfully.

Work-order data import CSV template

Please note the details of each parameter required in the ‘Work-orders’ CSV template to fill in the Data. Enter each data carefully to avoid importing invalid data into your account. Make sure no changes are made to the CSV template headers.



WO Name

Name the Work Order in minimum 3 characters based on the type of orders received.

WO Code

Enter a unique Work Order code in minimum 3 characters, for identification purposes.


Brief the type of operation of the Work Order in a minimum of 3 characters.

Customer Name

Mention the customer's name to whom this Work Order is created.

Part Code

Enter a part code for which the Work Order is created.

Order Qty

Enter the quantity in units to be produced. Work Order Quantity should be less than or equal to the 'Monthly capacity of production'


Set the priority for the Work Order to be completed, whether the Work Order should be completed on High, Medium, or low, priority depending on the customer's requirements.

Start Date

Set the date in MM/DD/YY format. set the accurate date when the Work order is to be started.

End Date

Set the date in MM/DD/YY format. set the accurate date when the Work order is to be completed.

Sales Order Number

Enter the sales order number booked for the products to this Work Order.

Work-order data
  • Name the file as per your choice.

  • Save the file in your system to upload it later into your SFactrix account.

How to import ‘Work-orders’ data CSV file to the SFactrix account?

  • Go to the Data import page > click on choose the data type > select ‘Work-orders’ in the drop-down list.

  • Click on ‘choose a file’ and select the CSV file that you have saved in your system.

  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

  • Your ‘Work-orders’ data is imported successfully.

What's Next?

Once the work order is created in the SFactrix Smart MES system, the next step is to create required job orders and allocate them to the operators. The following guide will help to understand the process for creating job orders.

For any feedback and queries on the functionalities of the ‘Work-orders’ data import process, write to our support team at [email protected]

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