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Maintenance Work Order Management in Asset+ CMMS
How to assign Maintenance Work Order in Fogwing Asset+ CMMS
How to assign Maintenance Work Order in Fogwing Asset+ CMMS

Learn to assign maintenance work order using Asset+ CMMS

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The maintenance manager can create and assign the asset maintenance work orders to the engineers. The maintenance manager can also reassign the work order at any stage of the Work Order execution process if required. Once the Work Order is created and assigned in Asset+, the engineers can view their given work orders in their personalized engineer account. The engineers will have the access to view and execute Work Orders.

To assign asset maintenance work orders for engineers or managers in the Asset+ platform, it is essential to have a manager login. To learn how to create a manager login, click on the link: [link to create an account]

Once you have the asset+ platform's manager user credentials.

You can also go to the Work Order page by clicking the setting icon and selecting the Work Order card by clicking the Action card on the setting page.

  • You will be directed to the Work Order page, which includes a detailed view of the work orders created.

  • Click on the three dots under the Action field against the Work Order for which you want to assign an engineer or manager to conduct an asset maintenance process.

  • Click on the assign WO option to assign an asset maintenance work order.

The 'Assign Work Order' form will appear.

  • Choose the engineer you want to assign the asset maintenance work order to from the dropdown, and press submit button to complete the Work order assignment in the Asset+ platform.

Now the work order assigned to the specific engineer or team to kickoff the work execution.

For any feedback and enquires on the functionalities of the plant in Asset+, write to our support team at [email protected]

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